Around the Block
Song by Cast of Let It Shine
Album: Let it Shine Soundtrack
Released: June 12, 2012
Genre(s): Hip hop, pop
Writer(s): Antonina Armato
Tim James
Thomas Armato Sturges
Jon Vella
Produced by: Tim James
Antonina Armato
Length: 1:25
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"Around the Block" is a hip hop and pop song that is a rap battle between two rappers, Phantom and Revalation.



Check it out y'all Uh

Phantom come alive in the night time,

I spit freestyle I don't have to write rhymes

Flow un-rehearsed, I spit a killer verse,

When it comes to your rhymes ugh their the worst

Your flows sloppy, punchlines, brush em' off me

Yeah I'm so cocky, no way you can stop me

Swag through the roof, believe that's the truth

How'd I know that? Yo, I'm living proof

I just do what I do when I'm in the booth

I've got a finer chick, hotter whip, sicker crew

Oh,you just lyricly smacked,

Better think twice before you try to clap back


What? Yo why you gotta get in my face like an airbag

Dude, your breath's bad, you need to step back

In fact forget that, you need some gum jack

Plus a stylist cause you got no swag,

DJ says you're wa-wa-wa-wack

You wouldn't have no rhymes if you stole my notepad

And you can quote that and put it on a blog

So everyone can read it, I've never been defeated

Freestylin' is a competition sport,

And Rev is king, why's this fool on my court?

It's not a battle, it's more like a roast

Grab a white sheet I'll turn Phantom to a ghost

And it's like that one time for your mom,

Revalation with the rhymes