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Cyranne is the romantic pairing of Cyrus DeBarge (Cyr/us) and Roxanne Andrews (Rox/anne). They the main characters in the movie, Let It Shine, and they share many romantic moments.

Cyranne Moments

  • Cyrus and Roxanne are old childhood friends.
  • Cyrus has had a crush on Roxanne ever since kindergarten and still has a crush on her.
  • They almost kissed in the record store.
  • They performed together while having an argument.
  • They reunited when Roxies music label was sponsering a song writing contest that Kris McDuffy supposedly won but Cyrus DeBarge was actually the winner.

Name Change

We may change the couple name. We want to know what you like! What name do you think is the best name for the Cyrus and Roxanne pairing.
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