Gail DeBarge
Full Name Gail DeBarge
Nicknames The Preacher's Wife
Gender Female
Occupation Preacher's Wife
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Resides In Atlanta, Georgia
Relatives Cyrus DeBarge (Son)
Relationships Jacob DeBarge (Husband)
Portrayed By Dawnn Lewis
Gail DeBarge is the mother of Cyrus DeBarge and the wife of Jacob DeBarge in Let it Shine. She is portrayed by Dawnn Lewis.


Gail is Cyrus’ mother. She knows that Cyrus is writing rap music and bussing tables at the local hip hop club, but she doesn’t see the problem with it, even though her husband does. She also respects Cyrus for the fact that he loves rap music.


Gail DeBarge is married to Jacob DeBarge and has a son, Cyrus DeBarge.


Jacob DeBarge

Gail and Jacob DeBarge are married. They are happily together and they are both very involved with the church. But Gail doesn't always see through her husband's eyes. She does not see much wrong with rapping and tries to get Jacob do understand that rapping is not all that bad and Cyrus should be able to express himself through it.

Cyrus DeBarge

Cyrus is Gail's son. She loves him very much. She knows that he goes to the local hip-hop club often and has a job there, but she doesn't see a problem with him going to the club or listening to hip-hop/rap music.


  • Gail is very involved with the church.
  • She is the preacher's, Jacob DeBarge's, wife.
  • Gail does not see a problem with Cyrus' love for rap and music although her husband does.
  • She knew about Cyrus' job, while his father didn't.


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