Jacob DeBarge
Full Name Jacob DeBarge
Nicknames Bishop Jacob DeBarge
Pastor Jacob DeBarge
Bishop DeBarge
Gender Male
Occupation Pastor
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black/Gray
Resides In Atlanta, Georgia
Relatives Cyrus DeBarge (Son)
Relationships Gail DeBarge (Wife)
Portrayed By Courtney B. Vance
Jacob DeBarge is the father of Cyrus DeBarge and the husband of Gail DeBarge in Let it Shine. He is portrayed by Courtney B. Vance.


Cyrus’ father, Jacob, is a pastor. Though he tries to support Cyrus’ musical gifts by making him the church’s choir director, he strongly believes that hip hop and rap is evil and will not allow Cyrus to participate in anything related to it.


Jacob DeBarge is a pastor. He is married to Gail DeBarge and has a son, Cyrus DeBarge.


Cyrus DeBarge

Jacob loves his son, Cyrus. He appreciates his musical gift and believes he is talented. Jacob just does not like hip-hop or rapping and he wants his son away from it. Cyrus loves to make music and rap. He tries to show his father that rapping can have a positive message to it.

Gail DeBarge

Jacob and Gail DeBarge are married. They are happily together and they are both very involved with the church. But Gail doesn't always see through her husband's eyes. She does not see much wrong with rapping and tries to get Jacob to understand that rapping is not all that bad and Cyrus should be able to express himself through it.


  • Jacob DeBarge is a pastor.
  • At the beginning, he tells Cyrus that he doesn't care if its a gospel rap or not, any rap is inappropriate as far as he's concerned.
  • He does not believe in rap. He believes that rap and hip-hop is devil music.
  • He only wants the best for Cyrus and that's why he tries to keep him away from the local hip-hop club.
  • Closer to the movies end, Jacob starts to go along with Cyrus that rap can have a positive message after he reads Cyrus's raps.
  • Him, Gail DeBarge and Cyrus DeBarge live next to the church where he is the pastor.


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