Kris McDuffy
Full Name Kris McDuffy
Gender Male
Occupation Singer
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Resides In Atlanta, Georgia
Relationships Roxanne Andrews (Ex-Girlfriend)
Friends Cyrus DeBarge (Best Friend)
Roxanne Andrews (Cyrus' Girlfriend)
Enemies Lord of Da Bling
Portrayed By Trevor Jackson

Kris McDuffy is Cyrus' best friend and Roxie's ephemeral love interest in Let it Shine. He is portrayed by Trevor Jackson.


Cyrus' best friend, Kris, is smooth, handsome and charming. He plays along when Roxie mistakenly thinks that he was the writer of Cyrus’ song, and then turns to Cyrus to help him win her heart. Kris can't sing, he used Cyrus to win Roxie's heart and then breaks it. He is not talented like he says he's just normal. Not all that but normal, but he is very handsome.


He and Cyrus grew up together as they were (and still are) best friends since kindergarten.


Cyrus DeBarge

He and Cyrus are best friends. Cyrus has the swag and Kris has the style.

Roxanne Andrews

(see KrixanneRoxanne falls in love with Kris when she thinks that Kris really won the contest even though Cyrus won. Until Cyrus and Roxanne sing "Me and You", Roxanne thought Kris was "Truth", but Cyrus told Roxie that he was "Truth" the whole time.


  • He grew up with Cyrus and became best friends.
  • He went to kindergarten with Cyrus and Roxie.


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