Krixanne is the romantic pairing of Kris McDuffy (Kri/s) and Roxanne Andrews (Ro/xanne). They are the
supporting characters in the movie, Let It Shine, and they share a few romantic moments together in the movie.

Krixanne Moments

  • Kris and Roxanne are old childhood friends.
  • When Kris pretends to be "Truth" (a rapper who is really Cyrus), he spends more time with Roxanne and Roxanne begins to fall in love with Kris.
  • Roxanne and Lyla commented on how Kris looks cute.
  • To Roxanne, Kris asked Cyrus to help make a duet.

Name Change

We may change the couple name. We want to know what you like! What name do you think is the best name for the Kris and Roxanne pairing.

Which is the Best Pairing Name for Kris and Roxanne?

The poll was created at 19:40 on January 21, 2012, and so far 95 people voted.

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