Full Name Lyla
Gender Female
Occupation Manager
Eye Color Blue-Green
Hair Color Blonde
Resides In Atlanta, Georgia
Portrayed By Nicole Sullivan
Lyla is Roxanne Andrews's manager. She is portrayed by Nicole Sullivan. She also mispronounced Cyrus DeBarge's name. She chooses most of the costumes for Roxanne's performances during the movie. One day, Roxie decides she has had enough of Lyla and goes solo.


Roxanne AndrewsEdit

  • She Is Roxie's manager and is known to be very stern.

She also tells Roxie not to use the ``R`` word (respect) with her.


To view Lyla's gall Gallery here.:D. XDDDDDDD. :33333333 [[Category:Pie. xD [[Category: EPIK [[Category:Facez [[Category:Pie

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