Self Defeat
Song by Tyler James Williams
Album: Let it Shine Soundtrack
Released: June 12, 2012
Genre(s): Pop, hip hop
Writer(s): Antonina Armato
Tim James
Thomas Armato Sturges
Jon Vella
Produced by: Tim James
Antonina Armato
Length: 2:22
Previous: Let it Shine
"Self Defeat" is a pop and hip hop song that is sung by Tyler James Williams as Cyrus DeBarge. It is the only track on the Let it Shine Soundtrack that wasn't in the movie. But used in a deleted scene, that can be seen in the extended version of the movie.


One. Im tripping literally, I should be dishwashing cause I got bowlegged knees and often they be crossing Go ahead and ask my bosses They'll tell you that Im clumsy I'll probably fall into your fist So you dont have to punch me.

Two. I'm Vegetarian So I don't want no beef You lost expensive Jewelry I lost my crooked teeth I sing in church choir My daddy is a Reverend I tried to be a gansta But my curfew was eleven

Three. I drice my Vespa through the streets and wear my helmet proud I do my homework every night Then come to this rowdy crowd I signed a full on battle, Filled in all the basics But when they saw it was me They put me on the waiting list

Four. I run from bullies in the streets I don't know how to fight I don't throw lefts or rights I just slap, sprint and write Im skinny all scrawny arms and a tiny chest Shoot I could hide behind that pole if i just hold my breath

Five. My apron look like a drees I could twirl around like a pretty princess I'm not a busboy I'm a waitress But i can't get the drink right, Taste Test

Let me find whose around, Those your guests My hand got sweaty and I lost my grip My shoes don't fit, They hand me down From the salvation army right Down-Town

When I walk into the room the lights go down Im so ugly mom won't hug me And thats to tell you about it I'm beating myself something you couldn't do

Let it Shine Self Defeat

Let it Shine Self Defeat