These are the policies (rules) for the Let it Shine Wiki. These rules may only be changed or this page may only be edited by the 2 admins:

  • FashionGal
  • Jessie1010


  1. No Spamming.
  2. No bullying.
  3. Do not put up fake information.
  4. Do not delete approved info.
  5. Do not put innaporopriate info.
  6. Do not delete info unless you know it's false and you have proof.
  7. No ship-bashing. If you don't like a certain ship, don't leave a rude comment on that page! Your comment will be deleted immediately. Also, no ship-warring because ship-warring is really annoying. Also, you remove content from a certain pairings page because you do not like them.
  8. Please get an account if you don't have one. It's free!
  9. If you want to delete a page, please see an admin.
  10. Stay on topic!
  11. Please use manners.
  12. Have an awesome time and have a great day!!!!


If you break a rule, you will get a warning. 3 warnings mean your are kicked out of the wiki. You may get banned for hours to forever depending on whic rule you break. Remember, you can still get banned if you don't have an account.