• Ausllyfanatic84

    In late April 2012, I created my own Wiki dedicated to my toons on Disney's Toontown Online. Please feel free to join! Here's the link: If you join, you can possibly become an admin! Just take a look at the Admins page on the Kidney Wiki. If you meet the requirements, you can be an admin! Feel free to correct typos. I don't want to do all the work by myself! I currently have 1 other admin on my Wiki; Ausllyfanatic84(me) and TheSidSquid(my close friend on YouTube and Toontown). I currently need about 4 admins left, so feel free to send an application saying you met the requirements on my Talk page on the Kidney Wiki! If you are an admin on my Wiki in the future and you haven't been active for at least 1 week, you wi…

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