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  • Jessie1010

    Hey guys, it's your admin, Jessie1010! Check out the Let it Shine Wiki Trailer! I recently made it to go with the wikia and get more people interested! Check it out! Thanks!

    What do you guys think? Please tell your friends! Thanks!

     My Page  22:25, May 7, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Jessie1010

    Hey everyone! It's Jessie1010, your Let it Shine Wiki admin! The wiki is building more and more and the movie is getting closer and closer! We need more help to build this wiki! So to do that we need more ADMINS! Admins are the users who run the wiki. The admins have more rights and more abilities than regular users have. Being an admin is very fun, exciting, and you get more publicity around the wiki and on wikia! Buidling your admin credits is one of the most fun things to do on wikia, so why don't you help build your admin credits by being admin here! We are looking for at least two more admins. The current admins we have here are: FashionGal and Jessie1010 (me). Send us your application, in a neat order, on both of our message walls. H…

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